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stu 19, 2019
Microwell follows the latest trends in technology | Blog - Microwell

Our company’ s philosophy is to constantly push the boundaries of technology further and this applies not only to our products, but also to a way that we communicate our innovations to our customers. Of course, our first line tools are social networks via Facebook, Instagram or You tube, however technologically we have managed to move in this field a step forward too.

We are very pleased to implement a new technology that will enable you to see our product placed wherever you want to, so if you can't really imagine what your pool hall will look like after installing the very needed dehumidifier, the application from AR Visual is indeed the right solution for you. For sales persons wanting to sell the right pool dehumidifiers to their clients, this represents such a crucial tool, because as they say it is better to see once than to hear hundreds of times. Our very initial product in augmented reality is our DRY 500 Metal dehumidifier. More models are about to be added based on feedback from our customers - you.

And how does it work?

Simply download the app (available for iOS and Android) (,,accessories’’ link) to your phone and follow these steps>

AR Visual - Brands - All – Microwell - DRY 500 Metal.

You will certainly need to train the use of the application, but after 3-4 attempts it will go with no problems. At the beginning it is necessary to take a phone ‘’ scan" of the room floor, then you will see the dehumidifier itself and you just need to choose the wall on which you want to place the unit. To get a better visual imagination, please watch our short instructional video.


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