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Why Microwell Inverter?

tra 24, 2020
Why Microwell Inverter? | Blog - Microwell

At product trainings, client visits and presentations, I heard questions ‘Why?’. I saw people’s faces about conversion from tested and approved on/off models to inverter. I felt their doubts and confusion in the sea of information about inverter.

I think it’s a right thing to ask ‘Why should I pay this company for an inverter swimming pool pump?’. Please allow me to picture several arguments why you should pay extra to get Microwell Inverter heat pumps:

  1. We offer probably the most up-to-date cutting edge technology. This is called High End Full Stepless Inverter. Amongst the sea of inverters this is like no one other.
  2. We equip the water heat exchanger with the best titanium class Grade 2 ASTM B338 and the highest volume of titanium, leading to biggest heat exchange surface (up to 1.4m2).
  3. We use currently the best hydrophobic and protection coating with goldish look called GOLDFIN. Heat pump during its operations condensates considerable amount of water on its cooler fins, the more phobic material the better for the heat pump. Why protection? Because salt present in sea wind or acid rains damage other types of heat pumps without GoldFin. But GoldFin is able to resist these elements.
  4. We not only say that our heat pumps are to minus 10 degrees but we also equip the pumps with needed hardware to do so. The compressor is preheated and condensate tray is heated so the pump never freezes.
  5. With the pump you receive as standard package without any surchages WIFI based on newest IOT platfrom TUYA and remote control contact.
  6. SuperSilent+ mode limiting the capacity of the heat pump to 65% when activated. This will ensure your desired water temperature at such a low noise level that you can essentially sleep in the room next to the heat pump.
  7. Proved performance and durability by customers across 20 countries and counting.

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